In my on-going quest to master computer programming, I have really tried my best to level up in the past couple of months. I stepped away temporarily from my newly established comfort zones in Front End and Mobile development, and dove deeply into the Back End. I designed a project for myself, and with the guidance of some fabulous mentors at Red Squirrel, I gained competency in Python, creating a production Django app for a retail site I had dreamed up. …

As not only a new developer, but as a largely self taught developer and career changer, I pretty regularly suffer from imposter syndrome, so this article has been a long time coming. However, there might be a bit of a benefit to my feelings of inadequacy leading to extreme procrastination in sharing my experiences; I have gone on to learn more, touch new and related milestones, and the passing of time has given me some new perspectives on the original thoughts I wanted to write.

Initially, I was going to write an article about how, as a newly minted junior…

The ringing in of the New Year was huge for me this year in a way unlike any other. 1 January 2020, for me, was not just the simultaneous end and beginning of another year and another decade; it was also the end of my first official year as a developer (front end, and in a foreign country no less) and also feels like the official simultaneous end and beginning of exciting chapters in my life.

If at this point, you are wishing me well, but wondering if you should keep reading, this is going to be a story in…

Marissa Biesecker


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