It’s been 10 months and 3 days…307 days in total since the last time I touched your breathing face since the last time I heard your laugh and the words “i love you” flow out of that smirky face. Death is isn’t talked much about. It’s life and death. We assume death is going to happen when we are old and weak we figure nothing tragic could happen to someone we love but that’s just it death isnt expected it isn’t anticipated its the dark side of life. Life we look forward to, when we find out a close friend or family member is expecting a child we embrace it we count down the days until a precious life is brought into this world yet again. I guess my concept on death is interesting I feel wiser than most but it could be just because im a scoprio…all jokes aside though I have not been the same person I was three hundred and seven days ago. I have completely changed my life and the way I react to things or the way I spend my days. I mean I guess it’s okay in some aspects because everything you go through changes you it’s just the way you handle it. I believe when someone dies they simply slip away their bodies are gone but their souls are forever there. You hear their voices in the back of your mind when you are faced with a difficult situation you see their eyes when you are looking for something greater than happiness within materialistic objects. You look for the signs day in and day out but its funny because the most noticeable signs are the ones when you simply glance down not thinking of anything and you see the number that represents them or you hear a song on the radio that they loved and all you can picture is them jamming out next to you with life shining through their eyes. If you have ever lost someone dear to your heart don’t look for them just feel them. Close your eyes when you are feeling sad and you will feel them.

au revoir