Land an Internship at CNN and Turner Broadcasting

In the office of the Klein Career Services, students were lucky enough to video conference with the east-coast internship recruiter from CNN and Turner Broadcasting. Students were given valuable information on exciting internship opportunities as well as insight on how to perfect your application.

Here’s what you need to know:

CNN and Turner Broadcasting have offices in DC, New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Each location serves unique purposes. Consider your passions when choosing a location to apply to, but be aware, New York City and DC were noted as highly competitive.

For their DC office, it is all CNN politics all the time. In New York City you can work for CNN, TruTV, or CNN Business. Their Atlanta office “does it all”. The Miami office specializes in content for CNN Español. Los Angeles is where the “ultra creative” work, lots of designing and work for Turner Broadcasting. Lastly, their San Francisco office does work for the “Bleacher Report” which is sports writing.

The internship program lasts 10–12 weeks starting in the winter session (to cover award season) then continuing through the spring. Their internship gives you hands-on experience, “You’re not going to get coffee for us, it’s not a shadowing opportunity, we’re going to put you to work”, and is heavy on mentoring opportunities. Their weekly program includes executive speakers, “lunch and learns” which include free food and an educational session, mixers with your coworkers, and professional development workshops.

These internship opportunities provide college credit and are open to college students, juniors through masters and recent grads up to 6 months following graduation.

Interested? Here’s how to land it.

Firstly, you must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Secondly, a killer resume ­ — which is easier than you think.

1. Review the job description.

When reviewing applications, CNN and Turner Broadcasting use a system to search for keywords that are in the job description. Pick them out from the job description and make sure they’re explicitly found on your resume. That being said, you should meet at least 90% of the qualifications. But don’t fret if you haven’t had an internship yet.

2. Spin your school-work.

“I don’t particularly care if all your experience is class projects and you’re also a server.” On-campus experience can help you along the way. You can list in-class, independent work or work for clubs as experience if it’s related. Just make sure it connects to the qualifications required, and never, ever, lie.

3. Stop in to Klein Career Services.

Our career services office within Klein is a fantastic resource. Have them review your resume before submitting your application to make it the best it can be. If you happen to get a phone or web interview, you can even request a quiet space in their office to do it.

The dream-interview.

So, you’ve landed an interview, now what? Here’s some tips from the horse’s mouth to seal the deal.

1. Stockpile job knowledge

It was noted that CNN and Turner Broadcasting are very protective of their brands, they want you to know them so they can trust you. Again, read the job description, and be able to speak to it.

2. Know the company and/or channel

In order to work for them, you need to be exposed to the things they broadcast. For example: “What are the top 3 stories on the situation room this afternoon?” or “What is your favorite adult swim original?”

3. Explain your skills through a story.

Some popular questions include: “tell me about a time where you screwed up and what you learned from it” or an example of the “STAR method” (situation, task, action, and result of a specific instance.)

If you’re passionate about news, sports, entertainment or Rick and Morty, a CNN and Turner Broadcasting internship may just be the perfect fit. This information session is just one of the many resources the Klein Career Services offers to students. Make sure to log into Klein Connect to RSVP to upcoming events and workshops throughout the year.