Lifehack Summit 2017 Day 1 Takeaways

Monday, July 10th, was the first day of Lifehack Summit 2017, a 3-day virtual Summit to help people “destroy overwhelm and create the perfect workflow.” I’d planned to post this summary Monday, but…wait for it…yes, I was overwhelmed.

As I listend the second day, while living my reality-TV-show-life, I realized there is so much ridiculous value in this conferenece, I need lifetime access so I bought it for only $97 — also a ridiculous value, and I’m not getting paid to say that. Ahh…sigh of relief. I will give myself enough time to take care of myself as I watch, take notes, absorb, review, capture takeways and breath after each presentation.

First 4 Speakers for Lifehack Summit 2017

Lifehack Summit 2017 is the first event from the founders of LifeHack Bootcamp (LHBC,) Carey and Demir Gjokaj. The Theme is defeating overwhelm, but I found the content to be useful for all aspects of productivity, lifestyle design and achieving success.

There were so many great speakers, I couldn’t watch all of day 1, but here are some takeaways on the first set of speakers.

Lewis Howes, Serial Entrepreneur

Lewis Howes is a serial entrepreneur who built multiple million dollar businesses, a former NFL Football Player and host of the “The School of Greatness,” a top-rated leadership and personal development podcast.

  1. A vision is the mission of your life — make it larger than you, or you’ll never feel good enough.
  2. Having dreams and goals can relieve depression, it gives you a purpose.
  3. Recommit to your vision daily. It’s a contract with yourself.
  4. Painful experiences train us to deal with adversity. Failure feedback can teach you to outpace discomfort.
  5. Unique knowledge isn’t enough. You must capture and package your learnings to be useful for others.
  6. Get comfortable talking about money, it’s not taboo.
  7. Believe in yourself. Face your demons and do what you’ve never done before.
  8. Success is a team sport. You need a coach, a sub coach family and friends to watch your game — put it on the board.
  9. Schedule every day. Organize, optimize and manage your daily life.
  10. Make time for stillness. Walk, dream and ask yourself am I fufilled, happy, contributing?

Marisa Peer, Rapid Transformational Therapist

Marisa Peer is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, former child psychologist, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Pioneering Hypnotherapy Trainer, and creator of the top ranked course Uncompromised Life.

  1. RTT Works. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) embraces the positive aspects of hypnotherapy, using trance regression and hypnotic conditioning. “We treat the belief system first, not the habit or presenting problem.”
  2. Emotion defeats logic — mindset regulates emotion. With the right mindset, everything flows.
  3. Teach children self-love — an unshakable, unwavering, unconditional belief in themselves.
  4. Change your perspective. One of my favorite quotes, “Hell is not rush hour on the 405 freeway — it’s in Zimbabwe, Cuba and Syria.”
  5. Nobody rejects you until you give them permission. When you believe in yourself, others follow.
  6. Positive self-talk matters. Your mind doesn’t care if it’s true or false, so tell it good things.
  7. Praise yourself. Other people’s praise always has an agenda; your own praise has none.
  8. Leaders excel at one thing — a gift. They cultivate one area of excellence.
  9. Stack the positive voices. Create real characters in your head to be your cheerleader, personal assistant and CEO.
  10. Believe in yourself, everyone else will follow. Making people like themselves changes the world.

Jessica Geist, Rapid Transformational Therapist

Jessica Geist, Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach, Co-Founder of the Coach Academy. Jessica offers 4 simple steps for defeating overwhelm in your day to day life.

  1. Everyone needs a coach. Coaches help you see your blind spots.
  2. Overachievers regulate emotions. Successful people train themselves to recognize triggers and move through overwhelm.
  3. Money doesn’t make problems go away. Leveling up creates new challenges.
  4. You are not your thoughts — it’s your choice what you put in your mind.
  5. Overwhelmed state is psychological and emotional, you need to work with both.
  6. You can change your state. “Today instead of being chased by bears, we’re chased by to do lists.”
  7. Jessica offered 4 Steps to break the pattern of overwhelm.

Cal Newport, Associate Professor of Computer Sciemce at Georgetown University

Cal Newport, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. His bestselling book Deep Work argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the knowledge economy.

In my next life, I’m going to be a professor. I hate doing math calculations, but I love the stories that emerge from interpreting data and scientific evidence. Cal was one of my favorite speakers and admittedly, I have a Mrs. Robinson-like crush on him. (Let’s see if anyone is still reading this far.) After reviewing the 3 pages of notes I took on his presentation, I am going to save my summary of his talk until I can give it proper attention. Cal, I hope to meet you some day, I promise I’ll be nice.