The Perfectionist Cure — Daily Blogging

I’ve started a daily blogging practice. Why? Because wearing yoga pants isn’t yoga, watching a mindfulness TED Talk is not meditation and the proliferation of content practically guarantees nobody will read this — not even my mother. So today, I’m practicing blogging. I scheduled writing in my calendar, I’m sharing it with you, and more importantly, Google algorithms.

As a Professional Perfectionist and Certified Control Freak I had a great plan to start bloggin once my systems were in place. I just had a few requirements.

  1. A brilliant content strategy and efficient distribution engine.
  2. Thousands of loyal followers and evangelists — my posse, if you will.
  3. A closed loop S-Marketing (sales+marketing) platform — frictionless and leak-proof.
  4. A new Bad-Ass Virtual Assistant (BAVA.)
  5. Flawless execution of #1 above.

Then I woke up. I blog because I like it. It reminds me how it feels to be in flow and my perfectionist self goes to sleep.

What is flow? For me, it’s is a mental state that enables laser-focus, full-immersion, and joy — an unfamiliar place. Plus, I have a lot to say, I’m told I write well and I’m funny — okay, you decide — but quickly.

I’ve written blog “posts” in my head for years, but have been afraid to share them. As such, I’ve not made writing a priority.

Besides the lack of a closed-loop S-Marketing system or a posse, I’m new to Medium. And writing plain, uncategorized missives sans pictures, pomp or circumstance is not typically my style. I’ve not copy tested headlines and barely know how to spell check this thing. Snaps for Marissa! (Reference to Legally Blonde.)

But I posted today anyway and it was perfectly, imperfect. Thank you to Demir and Carey Gjokaj @ for teaching me about “done criteria,” “getting comfortable being uncomfortable,” and the “perfect level of completion.”

Marissa Verson Harrison is a strategic marketer, growth expert and brand builder. At Lean Startup Strategies, we help companies achieve their business objectives in record time. Whether you’re a startup company testing product market fit or a public company developing a new product, we find ways to put a $1 into marketing and get $5 out.

Founder of ScreenAge Bootcamp — A Parent Coaching Platform to combat tech addiction. (

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