How Technology Changed our Youth.

When I was 10, I was outside, running around, and going on adventures. Although, I do not know if I could say the same for today's youth. As year progressed, technology became more advance.The question is, how has technology changed the youth today?

As the years pass, you’re starting to see technology everywhere. Children as exposed to cells phones, internet, social media, and video games. How are these devices affecting them? Facebook has become a popular social media site, but social media and young children lead to cyber-bullying in some cases. A public health and child mental health researcher, Michele Ybarra, PhD, asked 10 to 12 year old children about bullying. She stated that the children said that bullying is ongoing, repetitive peer aggression or victimization. (DeAngellis)

Technology has become more prominent in schools. Technology is good for research and problem solving but how could it hinder a child’s education? When a child has a cell phone, they tend to use that more than open a book. This can distract them from learning. It could also cause cheating. Kids take a picture of homework or a test and send via text message and now everyone has answers. (Wilhelm)

Technology has made a powerful impact on today's society. It has many positive sides to our youth but also has made a negative impact.

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