Best Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol use disorder can sneak up on a person. In fact, it has snuck up on about 15 million Americans, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. What may have started off in college as a recreational activity somehow took root and now threatens to wreak havoc in one’s daily life. The slow, steady ramping up of tolerance to alcohol’s effects eventually creates a living monster that must be consistently fed, lest the ugly symptoms of withdrawal commence — and thus goes the dangerous cycle of alcohol use disorder.

Treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction can come in many different forms. Because alcohol abuse ratchets up incrementally, the sooner one recognizes the impending dangers and gets help the better. For these folks, an outpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles is the answer. Taking this offensive action to thwart the alcohol abuse before it becomes a full-blown alcoholism is key to regaining control over your life and dodging that horrific bullet called alcohol dependence.

Candidates for Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Before deciding on a treatment plan for an alcohol use disorder (AUD) it is important to first receive a thorough physical examination as well as a detailed clinical assessment. This will help determine the level of care needed to adequately address the AUD. In cases where the alcoholism has crossed into alcohol dependence it will be necessary to receive both detox and treatment at an inpatient treatment program.

If the drinking problem has not yet escalated to that extent, an outpatient alcohol rehab is an excellent treatment option. Outpatient detox and treatment programs offer the individual the opportunity to continue working or attending school, as well as performing other daily responsibilities. The individual will be assessed and a specific level of care within the outpatient program will be recommended.

Outpatient treatment is also available as a step down for those who have completed an inpatient addiction program. In these cases, outpatient services help to solidify the treatment received during the inpatient program with ongoing counseling and relapse prevention reinforcement. The peer group aspect provides the important social support in early recovery as well.

Detox and Withdrawal in Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Once it has been determined that an outpatient detox is appropriate, the detox and withdrawal plan is created. Detox can be supervised as an outpatient by having certain safeguards in place and intermittent contact with the outpatient team. Medications can be prescribed for treating the withdrawal symptoms during in home detox in Los Angeles.

It is wise to anticipate the withdrawal symptoms one will surely face during detox. Detox takes about one week before the individual is feeling better, so planning for some time off work is appropriate. Also, because detox will likely be at home, it is good to have a family member nearby who can be available should any unforeseen complications emerge.

Ongoing Outpatient Treatment Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Following detox and withdrawal, the outpatient treatment begins. This includes a set number of hours where the individual will participate in both individual and group counseling, as well as ongoing addiction education, relapse prevention planning, and life skills classes.

There are different types of outpatient programs. There is the intensive outpatient program, which meets at least three days a week for about 4 hours each time. There is the partial hospitalization program where the individual receives medical monitoring and will meet 3–5 days per week at a hospital setting for about 5 hours each day. And, there is the basic therapy and counseling program that focuses on ongoing education and behavioral therapy, as well as group sessions to offer support.

The Treatment Specialist

The Treatment Specialist offers a variety of high quality inpatient and outpatient programs for AUD to residents of the Los Angeles region and surrounding communities. The Treatment Specialist can help coordinate detox and sober living as well. For more information about the specific programs for treating alcohol addiction, please contact our Treatment Specialist Team today at (866) 644–7911.