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Covid-19: Your BS (Belief Systems) are killing America

Dr. Marissa Pei
Jul 22 · 6 min read
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BS #1: Masks give you carbon monoxide poisoning.

Yes, that’s why dentists, surgeons, and painters have been dying by the truckloads- because they use them every day.

BS#2: We didn’t make a big deal out of all the flu deaths last year, and the numbers were higher.

Because this is a new virus and we don’t know anything about it, except for the fact that it spreads 20 times faster than any other flu; it has more damaging effects in young people, such as blood clots and strokes, than any other “flu”. Older people who die of the flu every year is the baseline. We are in new territory, folks.

BS #3: The government can’t tell me what I can and cannot do. I have a right to go and do as I please.

The government is not out to get you, hurt you, restrict you, or punish you. The officials are trying to use guidelines that worked to contain the virus based on what worked in 1918 with that devastating flu, as well as in countries who have successfully squashed the virus and have now closed their borders to the U.S.

Are other countries crazy or are we crazy? There’s a coaching principle here that I use on when we should take criticism, and when to ignore it. If three people are saying the same thing, then most likely they are not the problem- it’s you. More than three countries have closed their borders to America… Does that answer the question?

BS #4: We can heal ourselves naturally because we are sons and daughters of God.

That reminds me of the joke about the guy who is in a flood and he is sitting on the roof, ready to drown, as he asks God to help him. Someone comes by in a boat and tells the man to get in the boat and row off to safety. The man says “No thank you, God is going to save me”. Then a helicopter comes to pull him off the roof and he says, again, “No thank you, God is going to save me”. Just as God sent the boat (social distancing) and God sent the helicopter (masks) can we drop the crazy and use things that have worked and will finally bring the virus under control; so it won’t kill more real or imagined people?

And God gave us science from the brilliance of human minds. Do you really believe that Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, and the best hospitals in the world are all conspiring to lie against you? Yes, mistakes have been made by inflated numbers, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Higher numbers does not mean the virus and its effects are made up!

Do you have to have someone close do you die of it before you get serious like Chuck Woolery? Everytime someone says this is a hoax, my heart cries for my friend who died on his Covid-19 infection - Day 12. I try not to take it personally, but when I see people post: “Do you actually know anyone with the virus?” I want to do more than unfriend… and I’ve never unfriended more people in my entire social life than I have in the past two months.

And why is it wrong to have more money allocated to hospitals that have more Covid-19 cases for legitimate treatment? What part of, “this is a new virus that we know nothing about” is not being understood?! Can’t we give each other the benefit of the doubt that everybody wants the same thing, which is to live and to love and to do more than survive during this wacko time?

Why do we jump to blame and shame and accusing and “fork you” and “everybody’s lying” and “it’s a conspiracy”??!! Come on America, we can do better than that! People are working around the clock spending their entire brain power, money, and energy trying to get a handle on this. And if you’re not a scientist, doctor, or any medical professional, can’t you hold the space open to support and honor the work that they’re doing, instead of pooh-poohing and accusing them of a conspiracy? You say you appreciate first line responders and health care workers, but then you add to their workload?

Since when are we like Mao’s Gang of Four in China that executed educators and philosophers and professors and doctors because of their knowledge? Calling science a “liar” is unbelievably and incredibly stupid, as well as sadly funny… An expression that I’ve never use more than in this time. You ask for data and research and studies and credible news agencies, on the right and the left give you the numbers. Then you go around and say they are lying. This level of “Groupthink”, a psychological phenomena where once you have made up your BS mind, you CANNOT hear anything that contradicts your BS, is killing us, folks.

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BS #5 This is all a conspiracy to ruin the economy and make the president look bad and have the billionaires take control over the world.

Do you know how stupid that sounds? Do you really think that this country, that has been built on freedom and democracy and the joy of finding meaningful work, has people in countries sitting in dark corners plotting to take the average American down?

Does that BS make you feel better or worse? If that is true, what can we do about it? We have the power of changing systems with voting and buying from those who are “giants”, but crying victim to the 1 percent is not helpful. Are you doing the best you can? Are you using your unique skills, talents, gifts, and abilities to pivot into a new career or a new job instead of bitching and moaning that you lost your job? Do you have 5$ to put into a stock that might be creating new jobs in a new economy? And from what I understand, the assistance that the government has offered in the past is equal if not more to what you were making before? Kind of like a paid vacation? And the bitterness and anger and fork you attitude that we all see on feed and are promoting in our feed is that really helpful?

Come on America, snap out of this nightmare that we are creating on our own.

This is not a conspiracy, it’s a catastrophe, a natural disaster that most of us are not responding to in any kind of human-KIND, altruistic, creative turnaround way- and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of trying to fight the stupid, STUPID current.

I envision a world- wait, I envision a country, where 88% of the people choose to focus on new industry, new possibilities, new products, new services; that is the #covidsilverlining.

Once a week I am going to start a Thinktank where we spend a concerted hour -not bitching and moaning- but productively and innovatively looking at trends… looking at things that are not happening, looking at industry, looking at businesses that are closed and new businesses that can be started. I know the wife’s campaign fell flat, but I’ve actually been broadcasting the idea of new opportunities for 111 days now. #reinvent #riseabove #renew I’ll figure something out besides trying something new.

We’re going to practice the hashtag #givemeeightweeks and try to get as many people who will set aside their conspiracy groupthink hats for 8 weeks, and just TRY social distancing and masks before we all die from ignorance in action.

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Are you with me?


Dr. Marissa is an Organizational Psychologist by education, a celebrity host and producer of a syndicated iHeart Radio and CNBC KCAA network radio/tv show called “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa, a #1 bestselling author of #8waystohappiness and a Peace Advocate by experience.

If you would like to be part of her Peacework around the Planet through her various platforms in media, print and practice, SHARE her articles Doc Balance on IG and Dr. Marissa everywhere else. You can support her non-profit and join her #giveme8weeks campaign #reinventingmyself at

Special thanks to Sarah Carpenter, my editor and youngest daughter, who was recruited by her college to change majors to English. Yes, the apple is still in my tree :)

And thanks to Jake my LinkedIn connection who found this powerful picture somewhere and to the artist that we cannot locate, you are profoundly talented, thank you.

Dr. Marissa Pei

Written by

Media Personality, Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Psychologist, TV Commentator, Global Thought Leader, Journalist/Reporter, Life Balance Coach, DrMarissa.Life

Dr. Marissa Pei

Written by

Media Personality, Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Psychologist, TV Commentator, Global Thought Leader, Journalist/Reporter, Life Balance Coach, DrMarissa.Life

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