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Marin Election Results Are In…

Jul 2, 2016 · 2 min read

…and I did not make the runoff. In fact, I came in last place among listed candidates. Results will be verified on Tuesday, July 5th.

The results were not that surprising, I guess. I had less than $2000 to spend, chose not to waste any of it on those hideous lawn signs and I wasn’t driving around in a huge SUV with my name on the side.

Have to admit, getting hit by a car on March 18th did not help matters. I kept wondering if it was a sign from the universe telling me I was on the wrong path, even if I happened to be in the crosswalk at the time. Thank goodness for Italian thunder thighs.

So there you have it — blogging incessantly about a ridiculous and illegal sidewalk project for a solid two years does not exactly make for a career in politics, but it does help raise awareness about the need to protect our wetlands.

Apparently, there are at least 442 people (besides me) who do not find it preposterous that a singer could be Supervisor, because they cast a vote for our campaign. I’m grateful for your votes, contributions and all the positive feedback.

In case you are curious, here are the results :

DENNIS RODONI: 4001 28.82%

DOMINIC GROSSI: 3787 27.28%

WENDI KALLINS: 2471 17.80%

AL DUGAN: 1272 9.16%



BRIAN STALEY: 511 3.68%

MARI TAMBURO: 443 3.19%

Write-in Votes: 29 0.21%

I plan to vote for Dennis Rodoni in November. We share core values and I believe he has the skills and background needed for the job.

I come out of this experience with a renewed sense of appreciation and commitment to music, though I will continue my volunteer work. I can’t afford to do everything for free, so I’m looking for paid gigs.

See you on social media or at a gig near you.

Thanks for reading!

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