Are Christmas albums on the demise?

I got shocked when I saw that Sia, out of all artists, released a Christmas album. Wait. What?

So, naturally, I listened to it. Again, again and again. The weird thing is, it wasn’t even THAT great. She sang about Santa, and she made it quite clear that puppies are forever. But it was very catchy.

Australian singer and songwriter Sia, one of the world’s best-known artists, has announced that she is doing a Christmas card. The artist just changed her record company, and the first release was a Christmas album that was released mid-November.

Best known for her song Chandelier, this time Sia makes her Christmas carols with her credit provider Greg Kurstin. During his successful career, Kurstin has also worked with Adele, Ellie Goulding and Foo Fighters.

Sia’s seventh album, This Is Acting Sia, was released last year. The hit record included the songs Cheap Thrills and The Greatest.

Sia’s trademark is a person wearing a black-and-white wig.
After the ghosts, the massive world tours and the seven albums, there is a shift to Christmas carols. Usually, an artist publishes a Christmas album when the career is no longer going so well. However, Sia is still one of the world’s biggest pop stars and songwriters. Her approach was definitely fresh and catchy, and less tacky than what Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber did before.

Although it seems like no other stars were in rush to publish a Christmas album this year, so this might give Sia a better possibility of craeting some new Christmas classics.

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