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So you’ve done some really great work in a Jupyter notebook. The model finally works, results are excellent, and you’re almost certainly going to get promoted because of this.

It is late, you’ve been up for 80 hours without sleep and you accidentally delete the notebook.

Surely it’s backed up somewhere?

You check the backups only to realize they haven’t been running for months and the alerting email goes to somebody that has left the company years ago.

Don’t panic. Things are bad but you might be able to recover.

Jupyter snapshots

Jupyter stores snapshots by default for all notebooks

They can generally be found…

An interesting way to speed up conda

Conda has rapidly become the standard for installing data-science related libraries for users due to it just working. One major part of this is a community-led packaging effort known as conda-forge. Conda-forge allows users to build conda packages for virtually anything and has over 6000 packages at the time of writing.

This great success does come with some costs sadly. Conda determines which packages it needs to install by using a SAT solver. These are very good at determining optimal package resolutions for large problems but scale super-linearly with the number of clauses that need to be resolved. …

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