Software engineers will be obsolete by 2060
Dan Auerbach

So telegraph operators have disappeared when the telephone was invented, but then it was replaced by telephone switchboard operators. They didn’t have to think much, right, just switch some connections. But on the other hand somebody had to build those telephones and switchboards. And then the switchboard has gone away when automated centrals were built. But those had to be built by someone. And now we have software and people writing software and people using that software to write other software. And we have people using software to build systems without writing code (like building web sites). Some of these things will go away. Some things will be indeed automated. But somebody will always have to create the systems or software that enables this. Software engineers will not go away as long as there are computers to be programmed. And should we have software smart enough to write software in our stead and really make software engineers irrelevant, then that will be a sad time for the human kind because the machines will truly take over us.