Medium became a trash platform for developers— prove me wrong

Usually i see all of these subjects i’m not interested about in my front page, since i’m a developer i’m only mostly interested in tech articles and publications.

I conducted a quick investigation just because i was wondering if any of my interests or settings triggered this piece of news article to be displayed:

What it Means to Donate Blood as a Gay Man in America

Okay, let’s brake this up:

  • Not interested in blood donation morality
  • Not interested in Gay-related subjects
  • Not living anywhere near America
  • Generally don’t care about the whole subject and neither of it’s constituent part
  • It’s a paid article, developer culture is used to free information more than with novel writing artists that get funds here, so if possible i would want to never have paid articles displayed.

(Yeah , not possible, hihi)

Right, so i tried pinpointing one of my interests and reviewed them so that i’m sure no mistakes were made. I’ll write down all the tags and publications i’m following, just in case one of them might be related.

Interested subjects / tags:

“books, startups, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science , javascript, programming, software engineering”

Followed publications:

Real world coding

Node & JavaScript

The Physics arXiv Blog

Node.js Collection

Hacker Noon

SessionSTack Blog

Javascript Scene

Can anyone give me a good explanation why i’m seeing that article at the top of my list except that medium has become a trash platform after monetisation frenzy began ?

BTW, on desktop you can use the “Remove Members Only Posts — Medium”.

‘Easy’ fix: Medium would need to rethink it’s monetisation program and maybe employ a donation-based scheme for writers, instead of shoving down your throat uninteresting content. Not everybody uses this platform for the same things, and not in the same way. What about this kind of diversity ? :)