Israel’s Nuclear Program Is the World’s Worst Kept Military Secret
War Is Boring

South Africa’s nuclear program was never illegal at all. The author of this article doesn’t know a thing about the program, why it was done and should restrain from making unfounded and inflamed comments. The current ruling ANC party went out of its way together with the West, to tried to stop it in every way possible — from spying, the UN and even when it was [out of goodwill to have peace] decided to stop the program, went out of their way to stop South Africa from having nuclear power at all. All the 1000’s of South African engineers now working for other countries, will all tell you exactly the same.

If it was such a threat, why don’t the West try to stop Russia or China or India from having nuclear programmes or weapons?. Answer — they cant. The so-called “apartheid”, which was incidentally started by the colonial British, was used as a political scapegoat by the West to hide their own hidden racial segregation’s. The sole legitimate reason why it was developed remains — South Africa developed the nuclear program as a deterrent against the old Soviet Union’s communism expansionism in Southern Africa and to stop Fidel Castro’s hiatus in Angola.

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