Great article.
Kevin Behringer

Hi Kevin,

You ask an interesting question…albeit one that I’m probably not well qualified to answer! I’ve never adhered to the formal GTD methodology and thus have a limited understanding of what all the concepts are.

If I understand it correctly, the “Next Action List” idea is that you collect the next thing that will move a project forward, right?

My projects almost always contain just single-level tasks, and I manually put them into the order that makes sense. The “next action” is the top-most task in any project. No need for a separate view or anything, and there’s nowhere for things to get lost.

I suppose if I wanted to view “next action” tasks for all of my projects in one view, I could do it in a couple of different ways (in Todoist):

  1. Add a “next” label to all of them and then use the Labels view to see everything
  2. Add a specific priority level to the tasks and then use the Filters view to make a filter that collects all tasks of that priority level, perhaps refined to also include date queries (due within the week or something like that)

I wouldn’t find that useful, personally, but it’s certainly doable. You could take a similar approach in 2Do as well if you prefer that app based on the comparison.

Let me know if that helps or if I’ve misunderstood the question!

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