A Look Behind the Scenes of “Follow Me”

Scenes from a weekend braving bugs, rain, and early mornings to shoot an awesome short film in Ontario’s northern woods

Marius 📷
May 31, 2016 · 8 min read

Obligatory slate shot. This is before I took over slate duty and started writing comical notes on it.
Sore Thumb partner and production manager, Hannah Martin, keeping us organized. Her extraordinary outfit was our best defense against the insect onslaught.
Hannah demonstrates the full spectrum of bug suit life, from bad-ass to madness.
Our impromptu slider setup worked better than expected!
Shannon started the shoot in city clothes, but before long she joined Team Bug Suit.
Our prop master, Giovanna Gatto, made sure that all the details of the set design were perfect.
This is grabbed from the 4K footage so it isn’t as sharp as I’d like, but in motion it’s stunning.
Coming in for a landing!
Shot on the XF 14mm ƒ/2.8, while dangling my feet in the water.

Day 2

Lily Roberts, in costume, ready to face the day.
Lily and Jake getting along swimmingly.
Alejandra Simmons plays Danette, alongside Jake Zabusky as Aaron.
Jake helpfully demonstrates lav mic placement in case you were curious where they go.
The good news is they work, the bad news is you have to keep moving them around to keep them out of the shot.
Lily’s amazingly bright shoes kept her feet safe during a sequence where she and Jake run off into the woods.
Somewhat remarkably, no one tripped and fell during the shooting of this sequence, despite the wet ground.
Hannah counted 14 bites in a palm-sized area on her thigh, and I myself am sporting a healthy assortment of blemishes including one wasp sting and a number of black fly bites in addition to the mosquito bites.
Probably my favourite shot of the entire weekend, and it’s a straight-out-of-camera JPG. Fuji’s film simulations at work!

Day 3

I love that the mirror effect causes the islands to look like audio waveforms. I have a whole bunch of shots like this and can’t decide which I want to try printing.
A well-earned sunbathing session.
There’s always time for kayaking!
Nothing like sunset conversations on the dock to bring a crew together.

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