Thanks. Curious though how you fit an iPad into your workflow?
Majd Taby

Since the absence of an iPad app is my only remaining complaint, I figured I can chime in on the subject.

For me, the iPad provides a bigger screen that feels more appropriate for making editing decisions. I often toss a few shots from my Fuji X100T to my iPad while on trips for a quick edit, and frankly I find myself using the iPad to edit more than LR/PS in many cases. I’m usually making subtle adjustments rather than radical changes, and I enjoy the tactile interface.

The same workflow is doable on my iPhone, and I often use it as well, but if given a choice I prefer using the iPad to make the edits. Even when the shots are taken with my iPhone, I like revisiting them on the iPad for editing before posting to wherever they end up going.

Since Darkroom aims to effectively replace the stock Photos app as well as augment its functionality with a robust editing toolset, there’s also a disconnect between having that power on your phone and then picking up your tablet and suddenly being stuck with separate apps again.

What I love about VSCO Cam is that I can enjoy the same editing toolset no matter which device I’m on. It doesn’t replace the Photos app, so I’m stuck using multiple apps, but I love having it accessible on both devices. I wish they’d make a Mac app too, frankly, one that uses the filters from the mobile version instead of relying on the LR presets.

If Darkroom appeared on iPad as well, it would offer a one-stop photo management and editing environment for mobile devices, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one who would be overjoyed. Heck, I’d love to see you beat VSCO to the punch with a Mac app too!

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