It’s time to move on.

We’re going to close the chapter “grossartiggroup” within the next few weeks. Here’s why.

Marius Angelmann
May 3 · 3 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic hit a lot of small businesses, including ours. At first, everything went smooth. In fact, we even gained customers in Asia that wanted to campaign against the virus.

However, we later found out that these campaigns did not perform as good as we’ve hoped.
Consumers in the western market got scared of the virus and they were right. People claiming that ordering items from Asia on social media found great success, even though it was a huge hoax. Because of this, the sales of our customers declined.
The marketing budgets got smaller and smaller — until the companies completely cut them off.

Due to this, I had to overthink the strategy of the grossartiggroup. Going back to creative services and usual online marketing was never an option for me. The market was huge, but the competition was even bigger.
As a result, RMGND_ was born. It’s something that is not comparable to the grossartiggroup, it’s something completely different. We basically switched from a market that was getting smaller and smaller (especially due to COVID-19) to a market that was growing as online-fraud was growing too.

But this time I wanted to build something that wasn’t available on the market yet. The grossartiggroup was special, in it’s very own way, but it was something that didn’t really fill me with great joy due to several reasons, which I can’t specify here.

I want to achieve something with RMGND_ that I wasn’t able to with grossartiggroup: Working hand in hand with customers to create something which is truly special. The grossartiggroup wanted to do these things aswell, but wasn’t able to, often due to the small marketing budgets of our customers.

Thanks to the grossartiggroup many people, including me, were able to gain a lot of experience, which is indeed priceless.
But from time to time, we struggled too. When we parted ways with one of our co-founders last year, many things changed. We tried to use this change to try new things, to get to know us better and at first, we succeeded, but eventually failed.
It was an up and down.

Something that happened today made me overthink everything once again.
I came to the conclusion that moving on to the new project would simply make more sense.

We’ll still support our current customers as long as they need us. We’ll also help them to find a new partner for the future.
We’ll try to find work for all those who worked for grossartiggroup at RMGND_. If it isn’t possible, we’ll make an effort to find something new, possibly even better than what we offered.

Long story short: We’re going to move on. The grossartiggroup was something I’ll always remember as something great, even though it wasn’t always as great as the name said. Moving on is the only right thing in my honest opinion. But only the future can tell if it was the right decision or not.

Farewell, grossartiggroup.

If you want to contact me, I’m still available at and it’s probably going to stay that way for a few years.

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