We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question
Joe Flower

The only thing that is unbelievable wrong is your broken capitalistic political system. Here a viewpoint from Germany:

As a student I pay 80€ per months for my health insurance. As a self-employed I pay around 400€ per months for a public health insurance and around 260€ for a private one.

If you are an full-time employed father you will have to pay around 400€ per months for your health insurance, while your employer pays the other half. You pay 400€ and your whole family (!!) is insured (incl. your spouse and all your children).

You simply need to accept a more social political system and by asking different questions your health system which is the most expensive one in the world will not change. And you need to limit the ridiculous high prices of vaccines and other medics (a friend paid $800 for a ridiculous balm for a eruption)!

My opinion from Germany :)

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