TL;DR: Your management board should work with lagging metrics. Your team should work with leading metrics

People say I’m a process freak. This means that if a process works, I try to break it to make it better (it doesn’t always work out this way). …

TL;DR: A startup can eventually pivot to a better market or a different product. It can get funded, can hire better people. However, without a healthy culture, everything will crumble. The healthiest culture is a culture built on accountability and operational excellence, not on fancy values. One way to build accountability and performance from the start, and define the right culture, is to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

OKRs are a management performance framework, first created by Andy Grove at Intel and used today by Google, Twitter, and thousands of high-growth startups. This article offers a practical way of implementing OKRs, based on my 20+ years of experience as a founder, and on my many mistakes.


  • Everything is about Phase Two
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Yearly goals to quarterly OKRs
  • Quarterly OKRs to weekly priorities
  • Weekly priorities to daily tasks
  • Routines
  • Tools
  • Lessons I’ve learned

Everything is about Phase Two!

Building a startup is much more difficult than building a traditional business. Any tech founder knows it. The tough part is that, in most cases, the startup not only faces uncertainty, but insufficient resources, entrenched competition, lack of experience, and many other challenges. Still, there is hope! Uncertainty can be fought through experimentation, resources obtained, go to market strategies devised, more experienced people hired. …

Accelerators live and breathe startup metrics. They set the KPIs (key performance indicators — the most important metrics) that startups should report and try their best to teach them how to execute everything based on metrics. But how do accelerators fare on this themselves? How do they measure their success and report it to their stakeholders? What are the important accelerator metrics KPIs?

The status quo of accelerator metrics KPIs

Accelerators that track startup exits, funding, survival rates, and others, as part of their KPIs, depend on tracking startup progress after a program. Tracking and reporting are easy for those taking in small cohorts and offering them office space. They are in constant contact due to proximity. Consequently, not having a system in place is rarely an issue. …


Marius Ursache

CEO @ Metabeta (data-driven portfolio management for early-stage startup investments).

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