TL;DR: Your management board should work with lagging metrics. Your team should work with leading metrics

TL;DR: A startup can eventually pivot to a better market or a different product. It can get funded, can hire better people. However, without a healthy culture, everything will crumble. The healthiest culture is a culture built on accountability and operational excellence, not on fancy values. One way to build accountability and performance from the start, and define the right culture, is to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).


  • Everything is…

Eternime is launching its avatar service to first 100 users out of 30,000 on the waiting list, starting December 2015. The company aims to create the first network of personal Artificial Intelligence avatars.

Could an AI avatar collect all your thoughts and memories, then become a digital clone of yourself and “live” forever?

Marius Ursache

CEO @ Metabeta (data-driven portfolio management for early-stage startup investments).

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