Artificial intelligence is hard to see
Kate Crawford

Forget about helping humanity by using smarter/lacking bias AI.
We already have everything we need to feed everyone, to give shelter to everyone and to stop all wars as well.

Have we done it yet?
More technology cannot change anything. It depends of how many people is walking the Earth that switched their minds from self to social focus and this happens only when we decide to live moral life.

Wars are going on for centuries because we DON’T CARE to what happens to others unless we and our small circle of people we care about are fine. We say we do but we don’t.

Self interest has a price and constant wars and drama that happens all over the globe is this price.

Technology, if more appears will be used to keep us in slavery.
If we cannot solve it, nothing and no one else will do.

How difficult it’s to see that there is something seriously wrong with how human minds are working?

In case you cannot there must be something wrong that you do. Stop it and your eyes will open, so you can see things for what they are as negative actions is what blinds humans from seeing, so we make circles for thousands of years…

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