Zero attachment society

It's so crazy to think how the easy access to things, people and opportunities has turned us into a society that has a relative hard time on creating attachment to things if we compare ourselves with previous generations.

We are always curious to explore more and more. Never settle. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) does not apply only to missing information on social media or news, but the fear of missing better oportunities…. this applies to anything: from jobs, to food to people and relationships.

We've learned since we were kids that we must never settle unless that is the very best…. what we did not learn is that the world would change so fast that we would not longer have time enough to navigate through all the content to decide what is really the very best and could probably get lost in the middle of options.

Most of single or divorced people like me are really confused in a world with dating apps. How hard is it to settle when you find a bunch of cool single people sitting on a shelf like a top selection of products custom made for you?

My grandma probably did not have 50 single men available in her small town when she met my grandpa…. now, in like 5 minutes I can swipe right or left on 50 guys. How crazy is that?

I am not complaining… I am part of all this messy thing. I am just thinking out loud about how many options we have and how we are not knowing how to deal with all those options. The more I meet people the more I feel this is commonsense.

It gets harder and harder to commit.

I just moved into an apartment 6 months ago and the apartment owner is selling it. What if I was super attached to the place? And my stuff? Gladly I am not, so I don't suffer by knowing I might have to change in a couple of weeks. Maybe that's the point.

The less attached you are to things the less you suffer.

The more committed you are to what truly matters to you and enjoying the present moment the more you are in a bubble of bliss…. hoping it never pops.