3 Types of Toner Cartridges that are Compatible With Your Samsung Laser Printers

People who think their work ends with buying a printer must think again. After buying a printer and using it for a good period of time or till the ink finishes, you will need to buy a new set of cartridges. With so many options available in the market, choosing a cartridge, which best fits your printer as well as your work requirements, is difficult. If you are someone who is looking for cartridges for your Samsung printer must consider all the options available in the market. The common cartridges that are compatible with Samsung printers are the toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Toner Cartridges and Ink Cartridges

Depending on the physical state of the ink, there are two types of cartridges found in the market — Toner Cartridges and Ink Cartridges. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers whereas the ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. The physical state of the ink in a toner cartridge is powdery whereas in an ink cartridges is liquid.

More about Toner Cartridges

For your Samsung laser printer, toner cartridges are compatible. Also known as the laser toner, the toner cartridges include toner powder (a powdery mix of carbon and iron oxide, polymer, and coloring agents). During the printing process, the toner particles are transferred to the paper and are melted and fused on the paper by heated rollers.

Types of Toner Cartridges

There are three main types of toner cartridges that you’ll get in the market. They are as follows:

1. Genuine

Genuine toner cartridges are also known as the ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ (OEM). these cartridges are manufactured and sold by the printer manufacturers. The manufacturers promote their toner cartridges to be genuine as they offer certain guarantees with their product with other local cartridge manufacturers don’t. Also, their cartridges are best compatible with their printers. As compared to the local cartridges and refills, genuine cartridges are more expensive.

2. Compatible

The compatible cartridges are also commonly known as ‘generic’ or ‘alternative brand’ cartridges. They are usually sold under different brand names and are manufactured by third party companies. As compared to the genuine cartridges, the quality and performance of the compatible cartridges are slightly low. They are, therefore, cheaper than the genuine cartridges. They may be less reliable, depending on the manufacturer.

3. Remanufactured

Remanufacturing means a cartridge has been refilled or refurbished. The quality of the remanufacturing cartridges widely differs as it depends on the quality standards of a manufacturer. It may be of extremely good quality or of a poor quality. There is always a risk involved in purchasing these cartridges as they don’t come with a guarantee and may leak, malfunction, or damage the printer.

Where to Buy Compatible Samsung Toner Cartridges

You can buy compatible Samsung toner cartridges from physical stores as well online shopping websites. Online shopping is the best option as they offer a wide range of options at discounted prices.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article gives information on three types of toner cartridges that are compatible with Samsung laser printers.