Another beautiful Day, where Thoughts Kill like nothing

Checklist : Mail the Client, 2 meetings post lunch, dance class at 5, music practice at 7:30 and get back home to paint and run on some more emails.

As she released a sigh after running through her quick notes in her mind she hardly sipped a cup of coffee, pulled out her stole, gathered her earphones and before she could even slip her legs into her shoes properly , she swirled away, just like the wind. A million thoughts were all her companion while she traveled through her way while music and books were the only getaway from her stuffed up thoughts. A smile breaks through her face, as she recollected some moments from her previous dance academy a few months ago. How she missed them to the core and beyond.

She swapped her picture gallery, to those loud eye catching paintings she wants to work on, “Budgets”, she whispered to herself in silence. Her mind froze again for the gazillionth time when she unknowingly ran through a picture, “Why does it all have to run the same way? I believed mine was different”, another thought spoke silently within her. “Does it even matter now? Have I given up far already too much, or am I just sinking into nothing?”, she continued thinking until she realized , she needs to switch, switch her thoughts to major distraction. She quickly found her playlist to a wacky song and continued her YET CONTINUED other million thoughts on her checklist for the day.

Back home after her follow ups..she sets her head back on her bed… just to hear a voice saying … “Do you even THINK of what you do in your life?”…No energy left to fulfill a response to that flabbergasted sentence, she smiled quiet innocently to herself. A deep confidence rooted within her, somehow supported her.

She knew it was going to be “Another hectic beautiful day…with more learning and turn-downs just to live up the beauty of LIFE”..