Tips to Choose Best Apartments in Kottayam.

Before buying an apartment or flat, you should think deeply. Should consider different perspective and views to check the property you are going to buy. The new apartment must follow your dream as well as need. Finding such apartment is not that much easy. So you should consider the following checklist always:

  • Builders reputation
  • Location of the building
  • Legal things
  • Area
  • Facilities

Builders Reputation

You should select trusted builders with high reputation. You can check builders feedback, feedback about them, quality of their project. Best builders may not make any risks. You can ensure it by visiting them or conducting discussions.

Location of the Building

You can check the location of the building, which is not causing any environmental problems, or any other problems like violent area. And think about the future of the location. That should be developable and must be helpful to you.

Legal Status

You should verify the legal status of the building. That is approval from government or local authorities. And the builders following all the guidelines by government or not. Best builders always provide these details in advance. And check their commencement certificate, project completion certificate etc.


You should ensure the facilities like parking area, garden, swimming pool etc. Also check the availability of school, hospital, gym, and clubs. You can choose an apartment with easily accessible to these.


Understand your budget and check the apartment if it is affordable to you or not. It is not really selling the apartment in the lower price, but comfortable in the comfortable budget.

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