Why Privileged White Males Need to Own Up
Chris Danilo

Very interesting read! I think we are all privileged in some way but we also face similar internal struggles. I came to the US as a refugee immigrant, grew up “poor” (by US standards), left university debt free and now am working towards my (overly) ambitious dreams. If my parents didn’t take the risk at the age of 21 to come to the States, I would be living an agrarian lifestyle, no education, married, and with 3 children. We’re all chasing our own subjective definitions of “success.”

Yes, there are times when I support my parents and siblings, but I’m also working towards creating a rich future that one day will hopefully propel me forward. I can look back and complain at the challenges I had to face, or I can swallow my pity and enjoy the journey of life. It’s an unfolding path — some of us are privileged materialistically while others are privileged emotionally and spiritually. Who do you think lives a more fulfilling life?