Why Girls Like Me Ask For Intentions Up Front
Tia Joy Davis

I got here through your Sexual Politics article. I loved this article. This sums up my pseudo relationships perfectly, as a devout Catholic. It’s very difficult, beyond human even, for a single Christian to suppress romantic feelings for the sake of abstinence. But nonetheless, I try.

I also clarify the intentions of each guy that expresses their attraction to me, because my love is precious. I tend to get attached real quick and give all my undivided attention. And when my heart breaks it takes another crush for me to heal, which takes forever since me falling in love is a rare occasion.

So I ask asap: Why do you like me? Are you lonely? Am I in for the long-term? Or am I just a transition? Can you handle the challenge of keeping my Christian promise? I test them out so the bad ones would leave me alone. Unfortunately I think all of the guys who came to me failed the test, and stopped their courtship halfway.

But I’m not giving up hope, especially now that I read about single men and women like you here in Medium. Keep up the good work. Modern dating isn’t easy, but I’m enthusiastic about the future.