23 Best Salad Ideas To Please Any Taste!

For those who want a practical, light and tasty meal, the salad is a good choice. A great choice for lunch and dinner, the dish is extremely versatile, as it allows for a varied combination of numerous ingredients — yes, friends, it is not just lettuce and tomato to make a salad.

Whether as an accompaniment or main course, a salad is always welcome with the meal. But when we talk about salad, we are dealing with a multitude of options: with proteins, fruits or even just a mix of green leaves, there are several recipes that we can prepare. Today, we have separated 50 of them for you to prepare there at your house.

Don’t be surprised when you see the list of ingredients for this recipe. Most of them are just spices. Lettuce, pear, honey, walnuts and gorgonzola are the main items to assemble the dish. With a simple step by step and a surprising flavor, you can be enchanted by this option.

Simply delicious, the Caesar salad is a classic. Here, you’ll need salad, croutons, grated Parmesan cheese and salt, black pepper. To make the flavor even more incredible, a sauce with mayonnaise, garlic, mustard, lemon, olive oil and Parmesan also comes into play.

Green and red cabbage, chives, carrots and a yogurt sauce, mustard, lemon and honey make up this recipe. With a simple preparation and a short list of ingredients, this is a wild option to get out of the rut.

saladThis salad has its own name: it’s called panzanella and it’s made with tomato, cucumber, caper or olive, red onion and other delicacies that make it amazing. The crunchy bread adds a touch to this salad.

This is one of those salads that are worth a meal: it takes corn, peas, cucumber, chicken, lettuce, carrot, tomato, egg and pineapple. Don’t like fruit in salty food? You can give up the pineapple.

SaladWant to make a salad for a special lunch or dinner? The cowpea salad with cod is the right choice!

Fancy a beefier salad? Cobb is the right order for you, as it includes lettuce, watercress, roasted or grilled chicken, bacon, boiled egg, avocado, cheese and chives.

A light, delicious and easy-to-prepare salad. Add the ingredients of your choice and enjoy!

Of Italian origin, this salad is famous in many corners of the world. Its ingredients are simple and delicious: tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil.

This list of salad recipes is very international, right? Here’s how to make Greek salad: you’ll soon want to make it at home!

Also made with cabbage, carrots and yogurt sauce, this recipe also has a touch of apple. For those looking for a sweet and sour salad, trying this option at home can be a great bet.

Salads don’t have to be boring and this recipe is proof of that. Have you ever thought about combining green leaves, mango, lemon sorbet, parma ham and sesame and sunflower seeds? To complete it, a well-prepared sauce based on soy sauce, honey, chives, ginger and lemon is also used.

saladTo enjoy a citrus salad, you can try this option. Kale and orange are the main ingredients, but you’ll also need other items, make a note of them: red onion, Japanese cucumber, and chili pepper. The result is crunchy and refreshing at the same time.

To spice up the classic combination of lettuce and tomato, you can follow this recipe. She takes homemade potato chips, raw ham, cheese and fried egg. In addition, you can also check how to make a special sauce to make your dish more delicious.

Simple, this salad has spinach, pickled red onion and walnuts. The cool thing about this option is that you learn to make your own onion preserves. If you want less work, you can also buy one ready-made.

Have you thought about using beet leaves in your salad? This is the purpose of this recipe, which in addition to helping to avoid waste, is also very tasty. Here, the leaves are combined with coriander, parsley, mint, sprouts, olive oil, lemon, salt and black pepper.

Green leaves, tomato, ginger, salt, pepper, balsamic aceto and olive oil are the only ingredients in this recipe. Even though it is a simple option, it is ideal for those who want to enjoy a salad.

With an oriental twist, this lettuce salad is spiced up with kani and ginger. But the flavor doesn’t stop there, olives and sun-dried tomatoes are also used in the preparation. In just a few minutes, you have a salad ready.

For this recipe, the suggestion is to combine zucchini flowers with green leaves. For the dish to taste even better, the tip is to prepare a sauce with jam. check it step by step.

For the most basic, it’s worth investing in the combination of zucchini with lemon and red onion. Practical, this is a salad that has a crunchy texture. To make it even better, the flavor is refreshing, ideal for hot days.

A classic combination, the tuna potato salad is ideal for those who want a stronger dish to satisfy their hunger. This option even serves as a main meal, especially on hot days, as it can be served cold.

The secret of this recipe is in the dressing, made with vinegar, onion, mustard, salt and pepper. Finally, olive oil is also used. However, here, it is necessary to leave the salad to rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Here, broccoli is the main character of the dish, but carrots, red onions, apples, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, pistachios and parsley also make up the recipe. And the preparation doesn’t stop there, you can also check how to make a special sauce, which will make your salad even more delicious.