Blurred Lines:Photographer’s Smooth Move from Glam to Fashion

Marjorie Hope Rothstein
May 10 · 3 min read
All Fashion photos by Barry Nadell

Have you noticed how gender lines are blurring in fashion these days? There’s an obvious narrowing of the sexual divide that emerged on the runways of top tier designers like Rick Owens and Alessandro Michele of Gucci, each making statements that the rigid demarcation between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes is no long de rigueur.

Steve Garbarino of GQ states “With runway shows and department stores (not to mention Kanye and Jared Leto) embracing all manner of skirts, bows and blouses, it’s clearer than ever: When it comes to style in 2015, the question isn’t “Why bend the gender rules?” It’s “Why not?”.

However while the pendulum moves to extremes on one end, others are bringing back the “old School’ by blending glamour and fashion. Did you know that glamour and fashion photography are not the same?

Nadell Photography

The line between fashion and glamour photography is often difficult to distinguish. Visually, they may seem to blur. The grey area becomes high contrast when you move past the aesthetics to the concept behind the shutter release. In fashion photography, the clothes, accessories, makeup, shoes or any other product/commodity carried by the model is being endorsed whereas in the case of glamour photography, the main purpose is to endorse the model itself.

One savvy photographer is blending the lines and is filling the gap that was obviously missing. Photographer, Barry J. Nadell, a Los Angeles native, was born and raised in the world of fashion and Hollywood celebrity. Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbi Reynolds and Betty Grable were just a few of the “runway models” who “performed” for ‘Hand Knit Elegance’ by Diane Abramson — a world renowned clothing designer and Nadell’s friend and mother. Growing up in the fashion industry under Diane’s tutelage, the young apprentice received first-hand knowledge about photography, fashion, celebrity and, most important, discipline.

All Fashion photos by Barry Nadell

“I am a retired entrepreneur and now, a photographer, living on my ranch in Chatsworth, California. I shoot here, in addition to shooting at destinations throughout the United States and abroad. I own two amazing quarter horses who have been in many photo shoots with over 100 models.”

“Having an ‘eye’ for fashion and a talent for photography is good, but you must tell a story… and that takes structure and discipline,” says Nadell.

He began shooting Glamour-style photos, created a company, Vantage Models, LLC., and went on to be recognized and published, internationally. His photography takes him to exotic destinations — Beverly Hills, Miami, Malibu, photographing horses on his ranch, shooting in Santorini, Greece and more. But, it was in Santorini, where Nadell found his vision and his niche — fashion photography. He is now living his wildest dream.

Nadell Photography, Jon Mack

“There is a fine line between Glamour and Fashion Photography. So, I began working with Creative Director, Diego Valdez of The Hollywood Trinity, and he has helped me to define these differences, which are paramount to understanding Glamour vs. Fashion,” says Nadell.

A world traveler, humanitarian, philanthropist and equestrian, Barry Nadell resides in Los Angeles with his family and friends where he is living out his passion for photography and humanity.

Nadell Photography

It’s comforting to know that there is someone out there who still values the ‘art of glamour, Hollywood and blending it with fashion.

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