How to Program — Inspiration from Preethi Kasireddy

I came to know Preethi Kasireddy by reading her explanatory article on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain, which I found to be the most succinct and accessible explanation on these topics. Before that, I guess, I first saw her content when I was going through Marc Andreesseen’s likes on Twitter. It is my routine in Twitter to follow what Marc Andreessen likes as he has taken a long hiatus from Twitter from retweeting or tweeting on his own apparently what I believe to be a huge loss for public.

Back to the story of Preethi. Her story is important and interesting. First, she is a very articulate person on technical topics. It’s always a pleasure to read her contribution of tech articles. Second, and I believe to be her most important contribution, is her story as to how she became a programmer. Her story resonated well with me because I am at this stage where I have tried to learn programming in different ways and nothing has clicked yet. I have tried little-bit of Javascript or Python here and there and also a little bit of data science, but none of this stuck with me. I almost decided to give up the track of learning how to program, however, I came across watching this video, where she recounts her story of how she pushed through the obstacles of learning programming and eventually became a full-time programmer.

Therefore, I write this Medium post for two reasons: 
1) Thanking Preethi and showing appreciation to her to encourage me and others who find inspiration from her story. 
2) Restarting programming again. I know I can do it.

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