What Imperils the US Democracy

Tuesday, 2:10 AM, Boston, MA, USA

Let’s just set the context here. The president of the United States of America spilled “code-word” secrets, highest-level of classified intelligence, to an US adversary, Russia, over a conversation to show off how great “intel” he gets.

He did this after a day he fired the director of FBI, James Comey, who was investigating the president’s campaign over its potential collusion with Russia during 2016 election. To add to the insults hurled at the norms of democratic values, the president also sought the loyalty of the FBI director, who is supposed to be independent and whose pledge of allegiance remains only to uphold to the constitution. This is an alarming week for those who care about the state of democracy in the US.

My understanding is that the democracy in US would have completely fallen by now if it was not because of the ingeniously drawn up constitution by the founding fathers. However, with the Repulican controlled House and Senate, the check-and-balance mechanism is not working.

Democracy in US would crumble in Trump era not because Trump is pernicious and authoritarian, which he is, it will because Republican-led congress would capitulate before him. And they are capitulating already. When historians will look back at the year 2017, they will not be kind to these complicit Republicans.

In 2017, authoritarianism in US could only thrive if Republican Congress is complicit, and sadly, that seems to be the case. They are hoping that they get to pass Tax Bill, repeal and replace Obamacare fully before the Senate, and pass other legislatures before they get off the Trump-train. Democracy might not wait that long for them. Among other things, democracy is built on trusts, norms, transparency, accountability and checks and balances. None of those attributes seem present in the current executive branch.

Each day seems to be a new-bottom. Going at this rate, the fall-out can be really harsh.

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