I don’t know, I can’t show

In all honesty, I don’t know
Truth to be told, you can’t show
How I believe I know I do,
Can’t you see you have hit the new low?
Your life is a book,
My life is a hidden nook,
You think you can uncover me,
I will hide,
Beneath all these treacherous grounds so that you can’t find,
Let’s clap my friend,
it’s just a new trend,
Before you think you know,
I am asking you not to go.
I am telling some secrets, I knew you loved cutlets,
You fear cockroaches, I am killing them, I am killing them,
And now they are lost in subtexts.
Don’t read between the lines,
I can show you a video in vine,
There’s a dancing cat wanting to jump,
I want you know that you shouldn’t dump,
All these dirts are poured in basket,
Honey, can I gift you a jewellery casket?

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