The Night Sky and The Waterfall

Wanting to catch glimpses of delight,
Wanting to evolve with the stars,
Being part of their journey as stardust,
Taking flight in the realm of solar eclipse,
Enumerating number to the power lightspeded
In a remote reality, we struggle to see through the lenses that are real or that invokes illusion,
We are disillusioned,
We cast remote glances to look through, to search beneath, to apply our eternal curiousness,
Our curiousness never fulfils us, it just expands its horizon
It’s just keep getting beyond us, the horizon and its rainbow and its glowing shadow; it just expands in relentless motion, going far far away.
We keep searching but
Our senses are flying, for they decide to travel that is unknown,
Our senses want to carry us beyond what it can perceive
Only deceiving us, leaving us alone stanranded in the horizon,
They do not know how evolution happens,
They just wait for it to happen,
So they can fly with us in the world of imagination

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