The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

Good article Owen, thank you.

The tragedy is that many people are quite legitimately angry about the results of the actions of successive UK governments, and have been encouraged to believe that these are the fault of the EU when in fact they’ve been matters of UK government policy and are nothing to do with the EU.

Areas like Lincolnshire that have seen high levels of immigration have not had the investment in infrastructure and services that was needed to maintain standards. Elsewhere there have been cuts to health, education and real wages. It’s no wonder people are so angry.

But in blaming the EU for this, they’re kicking at the wrong door. And they’ll get a very nasty surprise if we leave the EU (and I hope it’s if rather than when) and, far from improving, their conditions get worse.

During the referendum campaign I was worried that Remain going to lose, because they were talking in very high level generalities whereas Leave were talking in low level specifics. We need someone who, as you say, can give some concrete reasons why Brexit will be bad news, in terms of the day to day lived experience of those who’ve been left behind by globalisation and neoliberalism.

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