Big Five OCEAN Personality Quiz for Alexa

So I’ve been learning about the Big Five personality quiz, also known as the OCEAN personality quiz, from Dr. Jordan Peterson. While at the same time I’ve been learning about Amazon’s Alexa Skills. As a project, I thought why not create a Big Five Personality Quiz and learn both at the same time.

As far as designing the Big Five Personality Quiz much was cloned from the previous Alexa Trivia Skill (which I used to make a Rick and Morty Trivia Game). Instead of having a “right” answer, I set each questions answers from 1 to 5. 1 for agree, 2 for slightly agree, 3 for neutral, 4 for slightly disagree, and 5 for disagree.

Since there were no wrong answers and the diagnostic needed an answer for each question to be accurate, I looped the same question over and over until the user gave an answer between the number one and five. The Trivia Skill just responded with “wrong answer.”

Luckily the 50 question Big Five personality quiz is public domain as well as well as the diagnostic used for evaluation.

All of the user’s answers are stored in an array for the program to sum at the end to determine a user’s big five personality traits.

Thanks to the magic of math and coding, Alexa can then score and determine a user’s big five personality traits. Pretty neat. Here’s what Alexa says when you complete the 50 questions:

“End of questions. Get ready for your Big Five OCEAN personality scores. Write down the scores so you can reference them later. First, write down the word ocean. O, C, E, A, N, vertically up and down. “ +
 “Your O for Openness score is %s. “ +
 “Your C for Conscientiousness score is %s. “ +
 “Your E for Extroversion score is %s. “ +
 “Your A for Agreeableness score is %s. “ +
 “Your N for Neuroticism score is %s. “ +
 “Zero is a low score while forty is a high score. Twenty is in the mid range. All scores are on a continuum. Let me tell you what these scores may determine about your personality… “ (Cliff Hanger)

The Big Five has been found to be useful for those who find it useful to know thyself or know thy neighbor.