Mark Bouchard
Aug 8, 2018 · 5 min read

LOOKING for the next leap forward in the crypto field? Tired of the same old masternode formula already? Well. Your lucky day has arrived. Welcome to the DIVIDEND.CASH network. The best all-in-one solution for the Masternode investor. With DIVIDEND.CASH network you can own a Masternode running on the DIVIDEND.CASH exchange and blockchain enabling you to obtain dividend payments spread out across a whole range of digital assets on top of your already lucrative Masternode and Staking payments. The DIVIDEND.CASH network brings Masternode ownership to a whole new level of passive income generation.

Folks, you can now add regular crypto dividend payments to your required list of features you want in your masternode setups. The DIVIDEND.CASH Masternode implementation is the first of its kind to incorporate this new form of passive income generation. When you hold various coins on the DIVIDEND.CASH platform, you are rewarded “dividends’ in the form of payments in various currencies. The shared profits (40%) are generated by trading fees on the DIVIDEND.CASH exchange, shared Masternode hosting fees, and shared staking hosting service fees.

As the project grows, the DIVIDEND.CASH exchange will add more and more trading pairs on which you can earn dividend payments. So as the Masternode network expands lowering the ROI over time, DIVIDEND.CASH dividend payments offset the lowering ROI, making the passive income generation potential almost limitless. The more DVD you own and hold on the exchange determines how much of the dividend payments you will receive daily. Funneling your Masternode profits back into the exchange guarantees you a larger and larger percentage of the distributed fees generated by the exchange. The potential to reach critical mass adoption due to these new features, places the DIVIDEND.CASH project at the forefront of revenue sharing exchanges and Masternode implementation.


Use Case:
Besides the normal profit generating aspects of a Masternode setup, with the DIVIDEND.CASH system, you can receive regular, passive income payments from a percentage of the fees based on the volume of coins you hold. The more you store on the exchange, the more you will earn. As progress on the exchange increases, dividends will be paid out on every trading pair available on the exchange to the holders of those coins. Over time, it is very likely that the DIVIDEND.CASH exchange will be offering dividend payments on assets you own other than your DIVIDEND.CASH(DVD) coins.

Due to the structure of the DIVIDEND.CASH network, the success of this project is practically assured as no other solution offers users both a profitable Masternode/Shared Masternode/Shared staking setup combined with daily payments on the other assets you hold on the exchange. This payment of regular passive income based on a wide variety of holdings serves to protect users in Bear markets by ensuring the growth of those holdings even as the fiat values goes down. By using the DIVIDEND.CASH network, your stacks will continue to grow no matter what the market is doing on any random week.

-Full Masternodes — Set your Masternode up with just a few clicks and earn traditional Masternode profits, plus now with the added new feature of regular dividend payments as well.
-Shared Staking — Combine your assets with others to maximize your stakes and receive a daily payment in most cases.
-Crypto Exchange — Native DIVIDEND.CASH exchange eliminates needing to move funds in order to sell profits; also provides the infrastructure to enable a seamless dividend distribution process.
-Affiliate Programs — Refer users to help grow the network and increase the value of DVD to earn additional income based on tier levels of activity; earn as much as 5% back at the top level.
-Revenue Sharing — Once per day, 40% of exchange fees are proportionately distributed to userbase.
-Very Low Pre-mine — Just enough to get the project off the ground; lower pre-mine than most other projects, and with an aim for transparency.

Name: DividendCash
Symbol: DVD
Address Prefix: D
Block Reward: 2–25 DVD
Block Time: 60 seconds
Block Maturity: 50 Blocks
Confirmation: 6 Blocks
Masternode Collateral: 1000 DVD
Total Supply: 21,210,101 DVD for approximately 10 years.
Pre-mine: 165,301 DVD (~0.77%) (for airdrops and project development)
Reward Distribution: 80% Masternode / 20% Stakers
PoW Algorithm: Quark
P2P Port: 29997
RPC Port: 29998
Mineable: No
Stake-able: Yes

Premine Allocation:

Research & Development: 21,834 DVD
Founders: 10,265 DVD
Giveaways: 12,571 DVD
Marketing & Bounty: 21,631 DVD
Airdrop: 90,000
Affiliate bonus: 9,000


Q2 2018

[x] Idea
[x] Research the System
[x] Develop the System
[x] Launch Website Beta Version
[x] Testing the System
[x] Market Testing

Q3 2018
[x] Evaluate the Testing and Revision
[x] Genesis Block Creation
[x] DIVIDEND.CASH Blockchain
[x] Launch the Website
[x] Mac, Windows, and Linux wallets
[x ] Block Explorer
[ ] Airdrop Distribution (ongoing)
[ ] Masternode Pre-sale (ongoing)
[ ] Affiliate Contest Announcement (ongoing)
[ ] Submit to External Exchange

Q4 2018
[ ] Shared Masternodes and Staking Platform Release
[ ] Evaluate and Audit the Platform
[ ] Start Dividend Share Distribution
[ ] Submit to Coinmarketcap
[ ] Aggressive Marketing Campaign
[ ] Add New Asset for Dividend Share

Q1 2019
[ ] DIVIDEND.CASH Exchange Release
[ ] Dividend Share from Exchange
[ ] Android and iOS Wallet App
[ ] Team Expansion
[ ] Become The Most Profitable Cryptocurrency

Masternode setups have changed the crypto-sphere passive-income landscape. Breaking the ‘chain’ so to speak, DIVIDEND.CASH provides you the latest, cutting- edge developments/solutions in the Masternode arena. By building a great Masternode coin and combining it with its own native exchange, DIVIDEND.CASH takes the whole field up a notch to provide you with a cutting edge, all-in-one Masternode/Staking/Exchange/Dividends project to stabilize your passive income generation efforts. Eliminating middlemen leaves more in your pocket at the end of the day and that’s exactly what you can expect both now and in the future by holding assets with us on the DIVIDEND.CASH Network. No other solution in the crypto world offers you this flexibility, so what are you waiting for? Join the DIVIDEND.CASH Network now!

Website: https://dividend.cash/
Github: https://github.com/dividendcash/masternodeinstall
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M2O1xVAegXiyMIyso8xmKxmaIXdMiaDf/view
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dividend_cash
Telegram: https://t.me/dividend_cash
Discord: https://discord.gg/cFtFpj8
Explorer: http://explorer.dividend.cash/
Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4844135.0
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4853554.0
Windows x32 wallet: https://github.com/dividendcash/dvdwallet/raw/master/dividendcash-1.0.0-win32-setup.exe
Windows x64 wallet: https://github.com/dividendcash/dvdwallet/raw/master/dividendcash-1.0.0-win64-setup.exe
MacOS wallet:
Other OS’es: https://github.com/dividendcash/dividendcash/releases/

Referral link: https://dividend.cash/?reff=D64f9b
Donate DVD: D6eczNqmtNfLiWpaCwQz6Mm5NMLWJfGGga

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