Hi Mark, thanks for responding to my post.
Nathaniel Friedman

Oh dear those poor luvvies, having to go to — oh no — another, foreign, country to work!!?? And you’re saying they might have to change employers as well?? OMG how awful!! And maybe the reason why “not every ex-college players ends up a success overseas” is not the dreadful hardships, maybe some of them just aren’t good enough…

You illustrate and explain my geopolitical allusion perfectly; your perspectives on sport vis-a-vis the rest of the world are a sad microcosm of the US’ inability to understand anything about how the rest of the world actually operates.

Sorry for seeming anti-US. I lived there for 5 years, still have some very good friends, and understand the country pretty well, but the lack of a sensible global understanding on almost any subject still astonishes me. It also seems to have become worse instead of better over the last few years.

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