World Media, a short term Happy Un solution for North Korea.

Every 48–72 hours run a worldwide story on Kim Jung Un and show him happily reviewing troops or opening up a second grocery store and plenty of worshipers…

As the planet watches the transparent cover up escapades of the man who thinks he’s king and the world media confronts one lie after another we are making Un very unhappy.

He needs to see his face on CNN and BBC even on RT’s The Flynn Hour Tuesdays at 9 eastern.

Throw him a media bone, let him see himself on TV so he doesn’t have to launch another missile. Does he have to test a nuke to get attention, he’s so forlorn.

Show him honoring some of his generals by giving them bigger hats? How about Un twerking — whatever that is. Have Hannity interview him via Satellite, but he’ll answer only the questions from an approved list.

Let’s buy some time.

Geo political time. Certainly China is quivering in their platform shoes. And we can see that cancelling the TPP has thrown them for a loop! So they have to act, right? I for one have not seen Beijing be so strict, limiting flights for two days and not accepting a coal shipment. Bamboozled in a 10 minute history lesson?

At least buy time with Capt. Cook’s armada to let the newly elected South Korean leader get up to speed.

And western world comics, especially you Brits, give Un a break, he’s a smart guy don’t ya know.