How I felt while learning Redux
Rajat Saxena

Hi. I’m a Redux maintainer. I realize this post was at least partly intended to be humorous, but I’m very curious: what specific problems did you run into while trying to learn Redux? What resources did you look at? Were there specific sections of the Redux docs that were confusing, or concepts that were not explained well?

I’d appreciate any feedback you can give to help us make learning Redux easier.

Also, for what it’s worth: I keep a big list of links to high-quality tutorials and articles on React, Redux, and related topics, at . Specifically intended to be a great starting point for anyone trying to learn the ecosystem, as well as a solid source of good info on more advanced topics. It includes links for learning core Javascript (ES5), modern Javascript (ES6+), React, and much more. I also published an “Intro to React (and Redux)” presentation at , which is a good overview of the basic concepts for both React and Redux.

Finally, the Reactiflux chat channels on Discord are a great place to hang out, ask questions, and learn, for both React and Redux. The invite link is at .

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