Recently, we’ve been interviewing members of the San Diego biotech investment community to better understand the factors that influence an investment decision. Our goal is to use these lessons learned to create tools in Pharm2Market that help investors identify which early stage biotech companies to track and potentially invest in. Moreover, we want to help startup companies better understand the investment community.

During the course of these interviews with investment bankers, angel investors, venture capital groups and family offices a number of themes emerged. These themes were echoed in last night’s Angel Investor Panel discussion at the San Diego Entrepreneurs…


Things have been pretty busy this month at Pharm2Market as we continue to grow our business intelligence service in the communities we serve.

Community Outreach

We’ve been continuing to work with LaunchBio, the San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange (SDEE), and the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN) to expand the reach of our programs.

This month we’re appearing at the SDEE’s Angel Investor panel event, and showcasing how Pharm2Market can help drug discovery startups find the investors and partners needed to bring a drug to market.

Things have been pretty busy this month at Pharm2Market as we continue to grow our business intelligence service in the communities we serve.

We’re always looking for new features to add to Pharm2Market and this month we added:

  • Target-Based Searching — making it easier to find local companies with experience and expertise in addressing specific drug targets.
  • Activities Filtering — making it easier to see filter the growing list of database updates.
  • Improved Stat Chart Readability — making it easier to filter companies based on a variety of different statistics.
  • Getting Started Tutorial — making it easier for new users…

We do a lot of work with Google’s Firebase. In many ways it’s an ideal toolkit. But there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few ideas…

Out of the box, Firebase provides:

  • Auth (support for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Email, Mobile, Anonymous authentication, and most recently Microsoft and Yahoo authentication.
  • Hosting
  • Functions (lambda-like server-based functions)
  • Realtime database: a first-generation realtime, NoSQL database
  • FireStore: a second-generation, realtime,NoSQL database
  • Messaging support
  • Storage
  • ML Kit: a machine-learning toolkit

All of these features make it easy to get a project started quickly. However, having spent the past 5 years using it in a variety…

Join us for beer, demos and panel discussions this Apr 25th from 4–7pm at LaunchBio’s “Larger Than Life Science” event at BioLabs new Towne Center facility.

We’ll be demonstrating Pharm2Market, a new business intelligence platform for drug discovery communities. We’ll be showing you how you can use Pharm2Market’s database to find new investors and customers. Stop by and get a discount coupon on your first month.

You’ll also get to hear panel discussions on “Virtual Growth in San Diego” and “Crowdsourcing Science”. You’ll also get a chance to “Ask A Lawyer” for advice on setting up your company or protecting your IP.

Register at the link below:

Originally published at on April 5, 2019.

In December, we launched Pharm2Market, a new business intelligence platform for biotech communities. The San Diego database has profiles for over 250 local drug discovery companies, over a dozen local investors, and 110 resource companies that provide everything from reagents to real estate services.

In this presentation, we take a look behind those numbers to get a better understanding of the community, to identify new business development, investment, and partnering opportunities.

To take a look at the companies behind these numbers, login to Pharm2Market

Originally published at on April 5, 2019.

In December we launched Pharm2Market’s San Diego database with information on over 250 companies and their pipelines. This month we’re launching our San Francisco community database with data on over 220 companies. In this presentation we breakdown the numbers behind the community and give you a better idea of the business development opportunities in the drug discovery companies. We also give you a peek at the most active investors in the community.

To learn more about Pharm2Market, login today.

Originally published at on April 3, 2019.

Any time you start out to build a business intelligence platform like Pharm2Market, one of the first things you do is collect stories from people in the trenches — the biotech entrepreneurs and business development folks whose bread and butter is finding new customers, investors and business partners. The stories that I’m most interested in are detective stories — the ones where people walk you through the detective-work that goes into finding a new customer. What Elvis Costello referred to as “Watching the Detectives”.

San Diego’s Drug Discovery Market

In San Diego, we’re blessed with a diverse and vibrant drug discovery community that encompasses everything…

Starting a biotech company is challenging at the best of times. In her book “How To Start A Life Science Company”, Dr Leah Cannon describes some of the business challenges that biotech companies face: the attrition rates for drugs remain high, the regulatory requirements are continuing to grow, and finding the right investors and partners continues to be challenging.

One of the biggest success factors for biotech companies; however, is the ability to leverage your local community to find the resources you need to advance your drug discovery programs. …

Every company you work for teaches you lessons. Early on in my career, I worked for a global oil & gas company. Agility isn’t typically a word one normally associates with global companies, but this was different. This was agility on a global scale.

There are often cases where you need to analyze a large amount of data in a short amount of time in order to make a critical business decision. …

Mark Fortner

Founder & CTO of Aspen Biosciences. I solve technical problems for drug discovery scientists and cancer researchers.

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