How to set up a MetaMask wallet (ERC20-compatible)

MetaMask is an ERC20-compatible wallet that supports Brickblock tokens (BBK). This tutorial explains how to create a MetaMask wallet and send BBK to your MetaMask account.

For a tutorial on how to buy BBK, click here.

How to install MetaMask

2 You will be directed to the Chrome web store. Click ‘Add to Chrome’.

3 Click ‘Add extension’. The MetaMask icon will appear at the top right of your Chrome browser.

4 Click on the Metamask extension at the top right of your Chrome browser. You will be asked to create a new password. Create a password, confirm it, and click ‘Create’.

5 Accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Notice, and Phishing Warning.

6 MetaMask will generate a secret backup phrase for you. Write it down, store it in a safe place, and click next.

7 Confirm your secret backup phrase. Your MetaMask wallet is now set up and ready to use!

8 If you want to add Brickblock tokens (BBK) to your MetaMask wallet, click on ‘Add Token’ from the main dashboard.

9 Search for BBK. Click on ‘Brickblock (BBK)’.

10 Click on ‘Details’ under your account name. This will show your Ethereum address. This is the address where you will send your BBK.

11Navigate to the ‘Send’ functionality of the exchange (example: Bitmart) or wallet holding your BBK. We will proceed with the Jaxx wallet. Paste your MetaMask Ethereum address into the recipient field.

12 Click ‘Send’ and confirm the transaction. Your BBK will be sent to your MetaMask wallet, where you can view your new BBK balance.

Marketing & Project Management @ Brickblock

Marketing & Project Management @ Brickblock