Love Him or Hate Him, He’s a Marketing GENIUS

I believe 99% of people vote for whomever is going to help their own (or their family’s) personal situation. I find it hard to fault people for that. To be honest I’m still undecided on whom I might vote for. As a business owner and past employee of businesses both large and small, I know the value & impact of a high-caliber management team. I want to see who the candidates plan on surrounding themselves with (beyond just a VP). As we know, no single person makes the decisions on federal matters (just the deciding/final vote plus the usual legislative checks & balances). I also know our top leader takes the praise or heat publicly from decisions made (no different than a CEO). So, it’s still way too early for me to make an decision.

Here’s what I do know …. Donald Trump is a marketing genius when it comes to marketing himself to be our next president of the United States. According to Federal Election Commission records, Donald Trump has spent less than any other presidential primary front-runner in the past 16 years.

How is he able to command the media coverage the way he does? … his public persona. It’s bold, some may say arrogant, and exudes confidence. Many successful public personas balance their ego with humility. That humility could take the form of self-depreciation or the illusion they may not seem bright. Some balance it better than others obviously. Boldness and confidence though exudes leadership and commands a presence.

Want to know who else has this type of public persona? … Howard Stern. Want to to know what they have in common? Thousands of people who have met them in person, 1-on-1, have reported they are NOTHING like they portray in public. Very Intelligent, genuine, generous, and caring to name a few attributes. The simple marketing tactic of “controversy sells” is alive and well here. Howard Stern is estimated to be worth $550 million. Donald Trump is estimated to be worth $4.5 billion. These are pretty successful case studies of marketing and branding and how much of an impact controversy has.

Will it be enough to carry him in the general election? That is the question! So like him or hate him I hope everyone appreciates the marketing at hand here.

Thank you for your time & attention.