Hmm. Strange dream overnight. I’ve never had a dream about success before – very empowering. – thanks brain!

I dreamt that Michael and I had just completed the sale of our shares in Webwarecare. We were stood in what felt like a country manor hotel except it was a house. It had one of those long “stripy” lawns extending out through the window at the back. I checked my bank balance and it showed at £2.4m, but I somehow knew also that this wasn’t even the only account – this was my personal one (awake me asks why this wasn’t in savings, but *shrug*). There was loose threaded talk of plans after ‘returning back from South Africa’ – somewhere rightly or wrongly I’ve always associated with holidays for the wealthy.

I remember flicking then through the debts/loans I have like browser tabs and clicking buttons to pay them off, remarking at how little impact they had on the balance. Then thoughts turned to family and how I could now help make life easier for them without upsetting stability of life through slow release funds.

It was heaven. There was a sense between us that the world was our oyster. I woke up feeling not maudlin but charged. I felt like I’d seen a future that could be. Yes it’s long hours at the moment and yes it’s #pushPushPush but this leads to growth leads to success. I’d almost call it more a vision than a dream.

Anyway – I’m going to try and post these little updates semi-daily – I feel like the next 12&24 months are going to be rapidly changing and exciting for us, and even if I help motivate just one person out there to grow an idea into a business by sharing our story, I’ll feel happy.