Ten Rules for Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Crypto

Bitcoin and other alt-coin were stagnant from 2014 to 2016. Anyone ever stop to reason out why end of 2016 and 2017 is the year of the digital coin? It is all due to a failing global monetary system, which is causing capital to flee everywhere, stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, etc. There was huge gains in all them. The majority of people do NOT believe in Bitcoin (some other blockchain maybe) as a future global monetary system. Yes a future global monetary system will likely run on a blockchain, but not likely Bitcoin. This current euphoria phase is a crypto stock exchange or crypto casino, not a currency. If bitcoin’s value was pegged to a weighted index then no one would even bother putting their money into it. Everyone just wants to get into it because of the speculation and “I got rich quick” stories. People didn’t just suddenly say years later in 2017, “oh Bitcoin is the future, better buy it now after”. China had a huge stock market bubble and crash in 2015 and then threats of the Chinese government devaluing to get out of their current mess. No wonder everyone is panicking to get their money out. Japan has a negative interest rate, which is also a big reason to get your money out. These governments are not going to stand around and let dot com version 2 bankrupt billions.

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