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Some hard UX happening at Compare the Market, before COVID-19

If you live in the UK and I asked you to think of Compare the Market, you’d probably spend some time working out if we’re the one with the meerkats or the one with the opera singer.

Next, you’d probably think of filling out forms to sort out your insurance, and then get a bit bored and move off to speak to someone more interesting than me.

I suspect this is probably what a lot of UX and product designers do when they see adverts for roles in our UX team (I know I did).

If, on the other hand, you asked me who Compare the Market are, I would tell you that we’re the biggest price comparison site in the UK, and that our purpose is to help customers worry less about their finances (am I paying too much? Do I have the right products? Is it time to switch providers?), and spend more time enjoying their lives — which we also help them do, through our meals, movies and music rewards. …


Mark Russell

Senior Manager UX Design at, meerkat enthusiast