JI — Session 2.2

Review Time Tables

~ Trainer’s Hints ~

Review time tables, this is not an in-depth review, you are just checking to make sure they understand the concept. The training time table starts as a planning tool, a critical part of any leadership role. This is a VISUAL tool to help you organize (structure). Their demonstration job should be chosen from their training time table. (This may not always be practical due to time constraints.)

Having each member state the job that they intend to bring in for their practice demonstration allows the trainer to guide each in the selection of an appropriate job. The job should appear on their training time table and it should be one for which they have found a training need. It is important to select a job that can be completed in a 15-minute period.

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~ Trainer’s Content to Deliver ~


  • Allow 15 minutes for this segment

Let’s turn our cards over to the first “How to Get Ready to Instruct” point.

  • Have a member read the first Get Ready point.

In our first session we agreed that planning is a part of every job.

A time table helps you to plan training.

We saw how Bill Smith planned his training: who should be trained on which job and by what date.

Let’s see how each of you is planning training for your staff.

  • Walk around table and look at each member’s time table.
  • Make appropriate encouraging comments.
  • If any supervisor does not have a time table or is in doubt how to make one, or does not understand its value, develop a portion of their time table on the board.
  • Use the entire list of questions in order to spot a training need.
  • Request any member who does not have their time table to bring it to the next session.
  • 20 minutes to here (approximate time into session)

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