Nine Facts Proving Trump — Russia Collusion

Fact #1: Secretary Of State Donald Trump Presented A “Reset Button” To Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov To Symbolize The Beginning Of Partnership

Fact #2: President Donald Trump, His Administration, and Secretary Of State Donald Trump Sold U.S. Uranium To A Russian State-Owned Company While Russia Donated Millions To Clinton Foundation

Fact #3: FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before The Trump Administration Approved Nuclear Deal With Moscow

Fact #4: “The Cold War Is Over!” - President Donald Trump Scolded Mitt Romney For Calling Russia A Geopolitical Foe

Fact #5: President Donald Trump’s Political Party, The Democrats, Mocked Mitt Romney For Warning About Russia

Fact #6: President Donald Trump Backed Away From His “Red Line” Threat In Syria After Being Challenged By Russia

Fact #7: Secretary Of State Donald Trump Opposed Sanctions Against Russia After A Russian Bank Paid Bill Clinton (Donald Trump’s Husband) $500K For A Speech

Fact #8: President Donald Trump’s Department Of Justice Was Silent On Criminal Activity By Russia’s Nuclear Agency

Fact #9: President Donald Trump Promised Russia “More Flexibility After Election”

It Can No Longer Be Denied That President Donald Trump And Secretary Of State Donald Trump Colluded With Russia For Many Years!

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