Dear Privileged, Rich, Condescending Tech Bro:
Wil Wheaton

Wil, I think you hit the nail on the head with your reply to Trent. As I’ve said to those who’ve admitted to voting for Trump — your vote for him says more about you than it does about him.

Clinton, flawed. For sure, no doubt about it. But even flawed, the choice was clear as rainwater in a brand new metal bucket. Her emails and even allegations (as Trent said) of hijacking the primaries from Sanders, vs a man who has spent his entire adult life disassociating with middle class, working Americans. Lying, cheating small business owners. Displaying bullying tactics via his wealth and the judicial system. Employing discriminatory tactics in renting his property, and as of late, readily admitting to assaulting women. We’re not even going to get into shipping his own manufacturing jobs overseas and the fraudulent actions of his university. For me, the justification that HRC was negligent in handling emails veeeeeery far in comparison with what Trump has spent a lifetime gorging himself on as a foundation for not thinking of the bigger picture is nauseating. To show everyone who voted for him the value of their allegiance, he’s surrounded himself with racists who hide behind the word “nationalist” — and they’re not even hiding behind that word anymore, to others who feel a woman’s place is silent, barefoot and in the kitchen waiting for her private parts to be — without invitation, grabbed.

I’m sorry, as upset as Trent penned his passion, the justification for lurching the country so far to the right, in protest doesn’t fly. Then to flip it back on HRC, the DNC for their complicity in the wrongs he alleges they committed, like it’s purification in his decision making, doesn’t clean the stench off either. Yes, he voted for a third party candidate that had no ability to win. Nice. Sleep well for that while every other mature soul has to deal with the ramifications of his protest. Thanks bro. Appreciate it.

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