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Vanilla farmer in Madagascar using the Wholechain mobile application on an Android smartphone

Originally from BSR Blog by Jonathan Morris


Over the past year, The Estée Lauder Companies and Aveda have been working with LMR Naturals by IFF, BSR, and Envisible to establish a blockchain-enabled traceable supply chain that identifies opportunities to deliver sustainability benefits to all the actors in the supply chain. This post is the third in a series documenting the journey of this innovative partnership and follows up on a first blog (published in July 2019) and a second blog (published in December 2019).

COVID-19 has caused shockwaves across global industries as most of us throughout the world experience firsthand the challenges of supply chain resiliency and transparency. From sudden shortages of certain food and household staples to questions about the safety or future availability of certain items based on their source of manufacturing, we are all realizing that we live in an extremely interconnected but paradoxically opaque world. …


Mark Kaplan

Partner, Envisible; Partner, Wholechain and Chicago Council on Global Affairs — Nonresident Fellow, Food & Agriculture and Global Cities

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